The important connecting element

For trouble-free transmitting and receiving: the antenna

In addition to the trouble-free functionality of transmitter and receiver, one criterion is particularly important in the field of RFID technology: the antenna. Here you should choose a completely coordinated system provided by experienced industry experts.

Using RFID readers (reading and writing devices), the information can be read from transponders and, if necessary, new data can be written. The antenna is used as a connecting element in this process. Via the antenna, commands are sent to the transponder and replies are analysed, which makes the integrated antenna an important component for an error-free identification system.

Depending on the range, design, performance and capacity, there is a wide range of solutions. Whether it is a robust antenna with a wide reading field for exterior use or a flat variant for interiors, hr electronic provides you with optimal antennas in the LF and HF area that meet all requirements and characteristics.

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