High quality air/self-
bonding coils

Relying on our extensive know-how and production experience, we will manufacture air coils and self-bonding coils for a wide range of uses according to your specifications. The applications range from control technology, drive technology and medical technology to identification technology. Special solutions pose particularly interesting challenges for us that we will gladly tackle in close cooperation with you.

Our air coils and self-bonding coils are very versatile and can be used as:

  • self-supporting air coils for transponders
  • antenna coil for RFID transponder chips
  • reading coils at or in transmitters or
  • coils for wireless charging technology  

The self-supporting coils are exceptionally well-suited for the space-saving installation in housings and various ferrite cores. The range in this area reaches from a mini sensor coil for measuring surface roughness to large power transformers.

Our customers include well-known manufacturers of sensors, which gladly make use of our services of installing and casting in ferrite cores. We will also gladly handle the solderless contacting of the coils at printed circuit boards with a specially developed process.

Thanks to practical conversations with our customers and the provision of competent advice, hr electronic will come up with the optimal result for you in each case. The jointly achieved success is motivation for everybody to achieve the highest possible quality.

Technical data

Wire thickness

0,02 mm to 1,25 mm

Inner diameter

0,8 mm to 200 mm

Outer diameter

1,5 mm to 300 mm

Coil width

0,3 mm to 30 mm

Winding methods

single-wound, bifilar, trifilar

Luft und Backlackspulen nach individuellen Wünschen gefertigt.

Wire and
production variants

Our air coils are mostly made from enamelled copper wire or high-frequency litz wires. We use so-called self-bonding wire for manufacturing self-supporting coils. It has an exterior layer whose melting point is lower than the melting point of the insulation. After the air coil has been wound, the windings of the coil are "bonded" through heating – generally through an increased current flow.


Our production variants at a glance:  

  • Layer winding
  • Wire ends galvanised
  • Contacting of braids, connectors, etc.
  • Twisted wire ends
  • Chip-bonding (RFID)


Upon request, we can also produce coils with HF litz wires and tapping. A specially developed software helps us plan and implement customer-specific requirements and allows us to be able to respond to your specific wishes.

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