Specialised body coils

Highly modern coils for top inductances

Whether it involves a complicated production or special requirements, thanks to a state-of-the-art winder, we can produce the body coil that is right for you. The materials we use range from plastics to ferromagnetic compounds that meet the highest quality standards.

Because, as opposed to air coils, core spoils, as the name suggests, have a ferromagnetic core. Their advantage is that higher inductances can be generated.

Thanks to our cutting edge 3-D CAD system, we are able to support you in the development of your very special coil body. This ensures the transfer of data between you and us and significantly reduces costs. Many years of cooperation with selected paint shops also allow us to consistently meet tight delivery deadlines.

Technical data

The body coils are manufactured in part on standard coil bodies. For the most part, however, we wind customer-specific coil bodies, e.g. the world's smallest magnetic valve, which has a diameter of 7 mm.

Wire thickness

0,015 mm to 1,25 mm

Winding methods

single-wound, bifilar, trifilar

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Wire and
production variants

We mainly use enamelled copper wire, high-temperature wire or stranded wire for winding our body coils and achieve optimal results when implementing customer-specific requirements.


Our production variants at a glance:

  • Various winding methods
  • Studding (pins)
  • Contacting of braids, connectors, etc.
  • Twisted wire ends
  • Wire change
  • Rapid prototyping
Information on our coils