measurement technology

Tailor-made sensor coils for reliable measurements

The primary functions of sensors are measurements and controlling environmental and technical changes. The flawless functionality of the sensor coils is the key for reliable and precise measurements. Our sensor coils consist of air coils and high-quality ferromagnetic cup cores. You can rely on our expertise when it comes to selecting the optimal materials and the development of high quality winding goods. These so-called "cup core coils" are used as sensors in the measurement technology or the security industry and are characterised by their high reliability. We can produce pilot series or anything up to medium batch sizes.

As a result of practical conversations with our customers and competent advice from our qualified personnel, we will be happy to design the product that is right for you – the tailor-made suit for your application.

Technical data

Wire thickness

0,02 mm to 1,25 mm

Inner diameter

0,8 mm to 200 mm

Outer diameter

1,5 mm to  300 mm

Coil width

0,3 mm to 30 mm

Winding methods

single-wound, bifilar, trifilar

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