Innovation macromelt process

A perfect low-pressure injection moulding process with environment-friendly characteristics.

We like to be a step ahead when it comes to providing you with the highest possible quality. With our innovative injection moulding technology, we can offer you more than just high quality products – hr electronic also provides you with comprehensive services as well.

The macromelt or hot-melt process is a low-pressure injection moulding process that is very environmentally sound. Compared to the traditional injection moulding process, sensitive components are overmoulded with a much lower injection pressure of 5–40 bar with the hot melt in a process that is very gentle. This allows us to seal moulded parts or plug connections in a very effective manner while also providing strain relief.

Another benefit: the cycle times (injection time and cooling time) of the melting materials used in the macromelt process are just a few seconds. By not needing a housing that needs to be manufactured separately, in many cases we can also reduce production costs.

But we never compromise when it comes to quality. In particular for sensitive electrical/electronic components, macromelt injection moulding provides optimal protection against external conditions.


Know-how meets technology – which is why hr electronic offers you versatile uses:

  • Cable packaging, e.g. for connectors, harnesses
  • Strain relief
  • Sensor encapsulation
  • Overmoulding of coils
  • Injection moulding of assemblies
  • Housing replacements
  • and many more
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