Precision down to the smallest detail

Displaying individuality by using long-lasting and high-quality laser technology.

Stand out from the masses and show yourself to the public. We are using cutting-edge laser technology for long-lasting and precise labelling and marking of your products and achieve high quality results with this technology. This process can be used for products made from various materials.

Using our combination laser with Finemarker technology, we are able to offer you all options in the area of laser labelling and laser engraving. For example, this process makes the sequential numbering of parts possible as well as attaching a high resolution image of your company logo to promotional gifts. A particularly interesting option is the retrospective marking of IC housings using customer-specific labelling or the removal of the manufacturer's designation. Did we pique your interest?


Our know-how and technology provide you with a wide range of applications:

  • Safety technology / access control: Personalisation of RFID transponders
  • Medical technology: Labelling of medical instruments
  • Environmental technology Permanent labelling of environmental probes
  • Machining centres: Labelling and scale legend of tools
  • Engraving of signs, films, aluminium front panels (custom labelling of promotional gifts)
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