RFID Transponders

Tailor-made RFID solutions for custom applications

We have specialised in the production of RFID components for a wide range of applications in the areas of low-frequency and high-frequency technology. Using radio waves, RFID technology ensures the transmission of data from an RFID transponder to an RFID reader, which do not physically touch or require a line of sight. Conventional access or data collection systems are increasingly being switched to this technology.

Thanks to our many years of experience and high capacities in the production of air coils, the primary use of air coils in RFID technology makes us an ideal partner as a manufacturer and supplier of RFID components.

The type of the RFID transponder is dictated by your specific customer application but has few limits with regard to shape, size, composition and colour. Devices can be retrofitted easily with our ultra-flat PET transponders and therefore be integrated retroactively into an en electronic environment that is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Our standard transponders, such as key fobs, water-tight wristband transponders, cards and coins are equipped with a high-quality, customer-specific transponder chip that is perfect for the application. For uses in particularly sophisticated areas of application, we will gladly develop tailor-made RFID solutions for you.

Where RFID is used

  • Access control, e.g. in business, swimming pools, fitness studios, etc.
  • Personal identification, animal identification
  • Industrial automation
  • Logistics / supply chain
  • Production control and monitoring
  • Robust industrial applications
  • Process planning and time recording in companies
  • Container management (object recognition of tools and containers)
  • Mobile payment / payment systems

Benefits of RFID technology

  • Contactless readability: No line of sight required to the reading station
  • High resistance against rough treatment and contamination
  • No maintenance required
  • Many designs, depending on custom requirements and areas of use
  • Nearly unlimited service life (approx. 100,000 writing processes in the case of read/write transponders)
  • Very high reading speed
  • Implantation in humans and animals is possible
  • User-defined data can be saved on a microchip
  • Data protection through user-specific access rights and complex encryption

Technical data

RFID transponders are used to quickly and reliably identify and mark goods, parts or persons. RFID technology from hr electronic meets the highest demands over a very long period of time.

Because we produce RFID technology both for the LF area (125 kHz) as well as the HF area (13.56 mHz), our transponders can be tailored to meet a very wide range of requirements. In most cases, a combination of both technologies is also possible.

Low Frequency (LF): 30 kHz – 300 kHz

Frequency range125 kHz, 134 kHz
TechnologiesEM4200, EM4450
HITAG-S-256 / HITAG S-2048
Areas of useAccess control
Product tracking
Animal identification


High Frequency (HF): 3 MHz – 30 MHz

Frequency range13,56 MHz
TechnologiesPrime: MIM256; MIM1024
Advant: ATC1024; ATC2048; CTC4096
MIFARE Classic 1K; MIFARE Classic 4K;
I-Code; SLIX
Areas of useLogistics
Warehouse administration
Library administration
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