Reliable data exchange

NFC – The international transmission standard for short distances.

Our expertise in the production of air coils is also on display in the area of NFC technology. With high quality NFC tags you are at the cutting edge.

In the era of smartphones, tables and e-book readers, NFC technology plays an increasingly important role. The reason is obvious: Near Field Communication, or NFC for short, is an international transmission standard for the contactless exchange of data across short distances of up to 4 cm – an optimal opportunity for data exchanges via smartphones. With an NFC-equipped mobile phone, you can receive data from a terminal, a poster, a business card or another device that transmits NFC data.

Required to do so are NFC tags that are, e.g., programmed with an NFC-capable mobile phone. NFC tags cannot only be equipped with information but are also linked to certain actions. For example, this includes the option of changing mobile phone settings through a short connection between smartphone and NFC tag.

Where NFC is used

NFC tags have versatile uses:

  • Cashless payments of small amounts via mobile phones
  • Electronic tickets
  • Access control
  • Virtual car key 

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